Our Story

Placing the needs of clients and clinicians first

Our co-founder, Dr. Truman, grew up as a third-culture kid in Nairobi, Kenya where his father worked for the United Nations and his mother taught at the International School of Kenya. Fast forward many years — and a few continents — later, Dr. Truman had built a private psychotherapy practice in St. Paul, Minnesota where he moved with his wife and family.

Recognizing that his “tribe” of expatriates lacked the options for care that his Twin Cities clients had, he approached Susan Bernstein, who had extensive experience living and traveling overseas and experience growing organizations, to see if she was interested in working together to create a practice focused on serving this population. Intrigued by the challenge of creating a remote, high-quality practice that placed the needs of clients and clinicians first, Susan agreed.

The Truman Group opened its doors in 2010 and has grown from a small clinical staff based in Minnesota to a group of seasoned clinicians who live around the globe. Our group has worked with clients in every corner of the world providing care for a broad cross section of the expatriate community, serving those who work for the government, private corporations, NGOs and international schools — as well as their families.

Expatriates are an underserved population

We started the practice because we believed that expatriates were an underserved population and that we could find a way to provide them with the highest quality care possible. Every member of the clinical staff is currently an independently licensed active therapist in private practice or in affiliation with a clinic or academic institution. Most are doctorally trained and those who are not have decades of experience providing mental health care, or are in close consultation with those who have. 

The majority of our providers have either lived overseas themselves or have extensive experience treating people who have lived and worked internationally. In short, our group understands both the joys and demands that accompany living in a foreign country and culture.